St Sophia's Parish

Sherwood Park, Alberta


Perogy making is a fun, social part of our community, and perogies are sold as a fundraiser.

To purchase perogies call the Perogy Sales Hot Line: 587-784-1894

  • Potato-Cheddar Perogies
  • Potato-Cottage Cheese Perogies
  • Potato-Onion Perogies

$40/8 dozen bag or $25/4 dozen bag

Perogy Pinching

At this time, because of the pandemic, a limited number of volunteers can do the pinching. Strict AHS protocols (e.g. mask wearing, social distancing, etc.) are being followed in the preparation, pinching and packaging of the product.

Further updates will be provided as to when we can resume making perogies on a regular basis.

Would You Like to Help Make Perogies?

Perogy pinching is now done in our church facility. The preparation of the filling and the dough is done in our kitchen, with pinching in the multipurpose room. No experience necessary! Training for various jobs is provided. Expect to have a fun evening sharing laughs and getting to know each other.

There is no set amount of time that you must commit to. Some folks come early and stay only for an hour. Others come later and give what time they can.

All have a good time at what has become a social event!

Boiling Potatoes

Another way to contribute to perogy making is getting potatoes ready the day before pinching. On a perogy-making day, several volunteers are needed to peel, boil and prepare the potatoes and filling in preparation for the balling of the filling.

Preparing Potato Balls

Little balls of potatoes are prepared with small scoops before pinching. This is usually done between 4:30 and 5:30pm on pinching nights. (About 6 people usually are needed for this.)


The actual pinching usually begins at about 5:00 PM. This process involves one team that prepares the perogy for pinching by preparing the dough, cutting circles, placing filling balls on the circles and keeping trays stocked for pinchers. A team of pinchers sit at a table, pinching the perogies, talking, telling stories and laughing at jokes!